Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is It A Two Horse Race For The Premiership Title?

Today Man United winger Nani, boldly claimed that Arsenal and Man City should not be considered as serious title contenders. I can see where he is coming from to a certain degree but to count out any team at this early stage is a bit arrogant. Even Tottenham have a shout of winning the league. For me, the league table doesn't lie, so why should Man City and Arsenal be ruled out even though they are both ahead Chelsea.

Since the season of the "invincible's" in which they went the entire 2003/04 season unbeaten and picked up the title on the their way, Arsenal have struggled to succeed in any competition. In fact, they haven't won a single trophy since that season. They have come close of course but just fell a little too short. But we all know that they play some of, if not the, best football around today. With their elegance and their lack of "Route One" football, it's almost hard not to watch them play. So although they have been known not to hold their nerve, I think it's harsh to say that they shouldn't be considered as serious challengers for the title.

Now to Man City. Yet again I completely see where Nani is coming from when he says that City shouldn't be taken seriously as Premiership contenders. But at the same time, when you are third in the league at Christmas, and you wasted the chance to go top, to be told that you don't really have a chance, I think this is slightly harsh. But like I said I do see where Nani is coming from, after all, City were only taken over two years ago and we have seen that they are far from the complete package. But they should be taken seriously because on their day, they do look impressive.

As for Chelsea, even though they are the current champions, they have been far from convincing this season. They have lost points on countless occasions when really they should have had the three points in the bag. With the loss of Ray Wilkins, it seems they have lost their rhythm and with players like Drogba and Malouda not on form, they have struggled to grind out victories. They did show an improvement against Spurs though.

So do you think Nani was right to say this? Which teams do you think have a genuine chance of winning the league?

I would love to hear any comments you may have.

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