Monday, December 20, 2010

He Betrays United, Then City And Now He Wants To Go Back To United?

Unless your TV is broken or your mum has confiscated it, you would have seen a lot happening regarding the future of Carlos Tevez. The City front man released a statement a week or so ago clearly declaring that he would like to leave the City Of Manchester stadium. Now, if he wants to go that badly let him leave but now rumours are spreading that Man United would be his club of choice should he go. But like many other people are wondering, not only the fans but the players as well, would he be accepted back? 

For me, he has already betrayed Man City. Even though he is still under contract at City, we do know that he would prefer to leave the club and that's enough to count as betrayal. But to supposedly say that he would like to walk a couple of miles back up to Old Trafford, I'd say that would make any Man City fan clench their fist. After months of speculation, Tevez finally put pen to paper in 2009 to sign a contract for City, snubbing United in the process. 

So would you (Man United fans in particular) relish the chance see Tevez play in a United jersey again or would you prefer to see Alex Ferguson, in a way, punish the Argentine for not signing back in the Summer of 2009? I can see why Tevez would like to join the Red Devils again, after all they probably do have a better chance of winning the Premiership for this season at least anyway. But if you had to look at the plan that City have for the long term future, which the new owners said that the investment would be, a long term plan, then I think he should play with City.

Man City play Everton tonight at the City Of Manchester stadium. The match will go ahead after the pitch survived the awful, but delightful weather in some respects, that we have been getting over the weekend. It is believed that Mancini will give Tevez a place in the starting line-up but it is yet to be seen if he will lead out the team as captain. It will also be interesting to see the reaction of the crown towards the Argentine. You can see all the action on "Monday Night Football" which starts at 19:00 on Sky Sports 1.

I would love to hear any comments that you may have

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