Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Benitez's "Holiday" At Inter Comes To An End

After just little over six months in charge, Inter Milan decided to call it a day with Rafa Benitez. After such great success last year for Inter, nothing really materialised under Rafa Benitez. With failure to get top spot in the group stages of the Champions League and a poor display in Serie A which leaves them lying in 7th position obviously wasn't enough.

It seems that the now famous press conference in which he ranted on about Sir Alex Ferguson and other topics, not only had an effect on Liverpool's season but also his career. This might come as a surprise to some after Inter Milan just picked up the FIFA Club World Cup title over in Abu Dhabi. But it seemed it was only a matter of time before he got the sack. But I can't see why Inter fans would expect more of the same from last year because we all know that Mourinho is somewhat in a league of his own.

Benitez, 50, will now be on the minds of many club owners who are manager-less, especially in the Premiership you would think. But how much of a fall would that be, to go from the European champions to the likes of Blackburn. No disrespect to Blackburn fans but I think you would agree that you're not at the same level as Inter Milan. Of course Benitez does have Premiership experience as a manager after being, for the most part, a success at Anfield. Who can ever forget that memorable night in Istanbul back in 2005.

I think it was the right decision, as it didn't look like it was going to get any better, especially now that we're into the Last 16 of the Champions League and a repeat of last years final is coming up. But who will take his place? There aren't that many quality managers that are just hanging around and I'm sure they don't want to go many weeks with a caretaker boss. I just don't get why you would sack a manager half way during the season. Now they have to get a new manager who has to settle in and chances are he won't have enough time to get the results he wants.

So what do you think will happen now with Rafa Benitez and more so Inter Milan? Was it time for him to go or do you think he should have got at least the full season?

I would love to hear any comments you may have.

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