Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is He The Greatest Manager Of All Time?

Today, Sir Alex Ferguson passed Sir Matt Busby's record of the longest running Manchester United manager of all time. You probably don't need me to tell you this, but this is quite an achievement. How often do we see on the news that a manager has been sacked, especially from one of the big teams. It's almost kind of strange not to hear about a sacking in the Premiership at least once every one or two months but to keep your job for twenty-four years or so is just incredible.

There are a few examples to show you how long he has been United manager. First one would be that he has faced a lot of managers that he had at United as a player. For example you have Steve Bruce, Roy Keane and Bryan Robson, all United legends in their own right. The other obvious one is to see how many Man City managers have come and gone while Sir Alex has been Man United boss. The amount of City managers that have been sacked during Ferguson's time as United boss comes up to a staggering seventeen managers with the longest running, believe it or not, being Kevin Keegan.

Not really known as a player, partly because he played all his football in Scotland, Sir Alex has definitely left his mark on the football world as a manager. He has a long list of achievements with Man United, most notably the season where he led United to the treble in 1999 and who can ever forget the Champions League final against Bayern Munich in the Nou Camp. He has won an unprecedented amount of Premier League titles, winning eleven in total.

So is he the best manager around or even of all time? There is no doubt, for me, that he is the best manager in Premiership history. There aren't many that even come close to his caliber. I can only think of maybe two, and no it's not Jose Mourinho, Franz Beckenbauer or even the inventor of "Total Football", Rinus Michels. It would have to be the greatest manger England never had, Brian Clough and the reason Liverpool F.C are who they are today, Bill Shankly. But I think Sir Alex Ferguson tops the list.

I would love to hear any comments you may have.

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  1. I think Ferguson is a good manager but and this might sound stupid I don't think he could have done what Holloway did at Blackpool I feel if you give any manager the money Ferguson was given you can win leagues and cups. Look last year they didn't as much money as Chelsea and Chelsea won the league so I don't think he is the greatest ever.