Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Official, Messi Is The Best Player In The World

Lionel Messi today picked up the Balon d'Or award and added to his already stacked trophy cabinet. In the year that the debate of who is the best player in the world was discussed more than any other year, it seems there is just no touching Messi. Although, I was relatively surprised with the decision to announce Messi as the winner.

I say this because the two men that were in contention of picking up the honour as well were none other than Barcelona team mates and midfield maestro's, Xavi and Iniesta. After having an amazing year with both club and country and picking up the World Cup on the way, it seems even that wasn't enough.

Yet again, who can complain? After all, most people I'm sure are left speechless after some of the sublime trickery Messi puts on show for the whole world to see. Some say "he is the new Maradona", but isn't he giving Maradona a run for his money for being the best ever? Unfortunately, I was conceived a bit too late to see the wonders that Maradona had on offer but "the goal" that he scored against England at Mexico '86 was simply artistry in motion.

Is he the greatest ever? I think the simple answer is no or maybe I should say, not yet. He definitely has the time to prove his greatness and truly mark his name in football folklore as the greatest ever and by god does he have the talent to achieve that goal.

I'll take my hat off to Xavi and Iniesta though. In any other era of football either of them could have won hands down. You also have to feel sympathy for them, to be as good as they are, and still not be in with a shout is mind boggling. What sort of a message does this send to the teams of the World, and more importantly, European football. They have the three best players that we've laid our eyes on and have had the absolute honour of seeing the beautiful game played at it's best in the past few years.

So is he/can he be the best ever? Did he deserve the Ballon d'Or award, if not, who should have?

I would love to hear any comments that you may have. 

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