Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do Arsenal Ever Stop Complaining?

It's quite clear that everyone loves to watch Arsenal play football. Why? Because they play the game right. No "Route 1" stuff, just fantastic, crisp passing on the deck. But if there is one thing gets me slightly aggravated, it's Arsenal's tendency to complain when things aren't going in their favour. Arsene Wenger is almost famous for saying that teams "are too rough" or "they kick us".

Don't get me wrong, half the time Wenger does have a valid point and sure how can you blame him for complaining. Two of the most horrific injuries I think that we have seen in the past two or three years have come at the cost of an Arsenal player's leg. Of course, I'm talking about the skillful and unfortunate Ramsey and Eduardo. 

Lee Bowyer had to accept a three match ban due to literally kicking Bacary Sagna only a few weeks or so ago. So I think he does have every right to complain, you just wish he wouldn't go on about it so much.

Yet again though, it happened today as Arsenal skipper was caught saying that Ipswich used "rugby" tactics last night as they ran out 1-0 winners through a goal from Ipswich's Tamas Priskin at Portman Road. If you didn't watch the match, Fabregas wasn't complaining about rugby-like tackles but more about the obsessive use of the "route 1" option. 

We all know that when we see Arsenal using the "route 1" option that they are in dire straits and are getting desperate by that stage. I'm sure most of this harmless rant was due to frustration but it was inevitable that Arsenal weren't going to accept losing to a team that is a league below them but there is still no need for the outburst. 

I would love to hear any comments that you may have.

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