Saturday, January 8, 2011

It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Hodgson Left

Today, Roy Hodgson has left Liverpool with Kenny Daglish taking over until the end of the season. Let's be honest, it was only a matter of time. When I heard the news, I wasn't in shock, I don't think anyone was. In all fairness though, his players didn't give him much help. Can you name one player that has even been half decent so far this season? If the national side was picked on current form, like it should be, Gerrard shouldn't stand a chance of getting into England's squad for the next set of matches.

Liverpool didn't have a dismal start to the season but a 3-2 loss at Old Trafford to league leaders Man United, looking back on it, was when Liverpool's season took a turn for the worst. After a season where they could only manage a very mediocre 7th position, they got rid of Benitez and brought in Hodgson. 

Joe Cole was supposed to be the signing of the season and Liverpool were supposed to have a cracking season. But the Anfield faithful have had very little to cheer about with both Cole and more importantly Hodgson both failing to impress.

There is no doubt that Roy Hodgson regrets leaving Fulham but we can't really blame him for leaving to a certain extent. After all Liverpool are one of, if not the, greatest team in British history. But as we all know, they have failed to win the one of the most prized possessions in modern day football, the Premier League title.

Where to now for Liverpool? It isn't looking too bad for the club, after all they are still in the Europa League and although they are in danger of dropping into the relegation battle, I'm sure Liverpool fans are confident that Daglish can work his wonders. 

I would love to hear any comments that you may have, especially Liverpool fans.

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