Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is Gareth Bale That Good?

Today, Roberto Mancini boldly stated that if Spurs were to lose Bale, they would lose 50% of their potential. Now, I know he is good, but is he that good? I think the only reason we aren't seeing offers left, right and centre for the Welshman is because Redknapp knows he is one of the most feared players in the world and wouldn't dare to sell him. I think the only man that would have the nerve to contradict Redknapp when he says that Bale is unavailable would be Mancini himself.

I don't know what Bale did over the Summer but whatever he did, I think a lot of players will be taking a leaf out Bale's book as they attempt to become the hottest property in world football. When he joined, he was well publicised as being the new kid sensation and didn't really live up to the hype. We then find out that the only thing that was missing was that he was playing left-back not left-midfield.

A few more years of the same form that Bale has been showing in the past few months then we seriously might have a Welsh Ballon d'Or winner. I'd say he is only behind Messi, Iniesta and Xavi in the list of the world's best players. I'm sorry Tottenham fans but it seems that it is only a matter of time before Bale makes the move away from White Hart Lane.

But is this just a phase of good fortune. I'm not underestimating the player but it could just be. I hope not because if so, there goes Tottenham's chances of doing well in the Champions League unless, of course, the likes of Modric and Van Der Vaart can win it for them single handedly. Bale has proved he can play against the best and not get phased by the hype surrounding the match.

Bale has clearly stated that he wants to stay put but there is bound to be an offer with big money involved soon. Tottenham have felt the pressure this season to retain the coveted fourth spot and with the odds stacked highly against them to do so, that might have a say in Gareth Bale's future. I wouldn't bet against them but yet again, if I'm being brutally honest, I think they will come just too short and unless they win the Champions League they might have to settle for Europa League football next season.

So was Mancini right to say what he said or is he over-rating the Welshman?

I would love to hear any comments that you may have.


  1. I agree with you that Grathe Bale is most feared players in the world and wouldn't dare to sell him. He will do best.

  2. i a gree that Gareth Bale is realy good but his lazy some time if he but lot of energy he be the the best player in the world