Monday, November 15, 2010

Premiership Weekend Review

There is a lot that happened over the weekend, so lets get started. It was quite disappointing this weekend because there were three nil all draws. That is poor.

 The premiership got off to a good start with goals, and especially after the very disappointing world cup, I hope we don't see much more of the same. There was a big shock at Stamford Bridge. Sunderland beat Chelsea
3-0. Chelsea were missing John Terry and obviously Lampard is still out but that should have never been the result.

 There was a very entertaining second half at Villa Park, where there was a two all draw between Man Utd and Aston Villa. Other good games were at White Hart Lane between Spurs and Blackburn (4-2), and at the Molineux  between Wolves and Bolton (2-3).

 Goal of the weekend would have to go to Elmander for Bolton, who kept the ball close to his feet and then scored with a tidy finish. The game I talked about before the weekend between Everton and Arsenal  finished 2-1 to Arsenal. So there were good, high-scoring games but they were let down by three nil all draws.

I would love to hear any comments you may have.

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