Thursday, May 26, 2011

United Look to Overcome The Odds

This Saturday, Barcelona take on Man United at Wembley with both hoping and praying of claiming their club's fourth Champions League title. It is quite simply the perfect game, which is being contested by the two best teams, in Europe anyway, at probably the most famous stadium in world football.

 But most bookmakers, and fans for that matter, don't fancy United's chances of regaining the title. Not because they have a poor squad or because any of there key players are missing, depending of course whether you consider Darren Fletcher to be a key player or not, but because of the pure brilliance that the Barcelona team possess.

Both sides defeated their league rivals on route to the final. Man United beat an uncharacteristic Chelsea, while Barca beat Real Madrid in a very dull two-legged affair. It is seriously a difficult one to call as I feel United have the better defensive options with likes of Vidic, Ferdinand and Evra but are they capable of keeping the Barca frontline away from Van der Sar and the United goal. With the likes of Messi, Villa, Xavi (the list goes on and on), it is hard to see Barca not scoring at least two goals.

A lot of United hopes will fall on who else but Mr. Wayne Rooney's. If Rooney has a bad day at the office, United, seemingly, will have a bad day at the office. But who knows, although he has proven enough that he will be a United favourite in the years to come, Chicharito might want to put his name in both United an Champions League folklore.

It has all the makings of a classic. Quality sets of players, outstanding managers, and of course, a fantastic stadium. It really could just come down to who shows up on the day. It shouldn't disappoint so if you're not in  front of a TV set by 7:45 on Saturday evening, then your loss I guess.

What do you think will be the outcome on Saturday night? Which players will steal the spotlight?

I would to hear any comments you may have

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