Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Samuel Eto'o To Join Russian League?

Despite speculation of a move to the Premier League before the end of the Summer, it is now apparent that Eto'o has finally decided to move from Italy, but not to the Premiership. Instead, the Cameroon international has his mind set on joining Anzhi.

Unknown to most, or maybe all, Anzhi are situated in Russia and play their football in the Russian Premier League. Anzhi came in with an offer believed to be in and around the region of $30-40 million but talks are still at an early stage and the bid is only being "considered".

With all due respect to Anzhi, a move to the Russian club would surely be fully motivated by the money on offer as I can't see this being a forward step in the career of Samuel Eto'o. Eto'o, 30, is nearing the end of his career but still has a few seasons left in him for me.

Samuel Eto'o was the talk of much speculation as it was rumored that he would be involved in a swap deal with Manchester City's want-away striker Carlos Tevez but nothing seems to have prevailed.

For me, this deal won't go through. I can't see Samuel Eto'o, a man who truly loves his football and who must be already on a hefty enough salary at Internazionale, leaving to play football in the Russian League.

What do you think? Should Eto'o even consider leaving Inter Milan for Anzhi?

I would love to hear your comments?

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