Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nasri and Sneijder still on the minds of both Manchester clubs

Man United successfully fended off "noisy neighbours" Manchester City to retain the Community Shield. But there is still a lot to sort out between the two, off the field as both clubs are reportedly interested in both Samir Nasri and Wesley Sneijder.

There is less then a week till the start of the very much anticipated new season and teams are likely to want to wrap up any deals as soon as possible. The two most frequent names that pop up when we read the sports section of many papers, are Sneijder and Nasri and if we are to believe everything we read in the papers, both will soon be leaving their respective clubs.

Samir Nasri, who is currently playing his trade at the Emirates is key to Arsenal's plans and with the possibility of Fabregas leaving increasing day by day, it is essential that Arsene Wenger keeps hold of the Frenchman.

For me, he was far and away, the best player that Arsenal had to offer last season and scored some vital goals. Because of his terrific performances, he has been rewarded with being one of the most sought after players in European football and would be a great addition to any club.

As for Sneijder, last season wasn't his best of seasons, especially compared with the season he had in 09/10 as he lead Inter Milan to a Champions League title and Holland to a World Cup final in Johannesburg. But, similiar to Nasri, he is being persued by numerous clubs and it doesn't look like dying down.

Mancini has admitted that the Blue half of Manchester is not strong enough to win the Premier League just yet and has expressed his desire to sign two or so more players as he plans to bring success to the newly named Etihad Stadium.

Man United proved today that they are on course to win their 20th league title but a replacement for Paul Scholes wouldn't hurt. Signing someone like Nasri or Sneijder before the transfer window closes would be ideal.

Who will sign who? Who would be a better signing?

I would love to hear any comments you may have.

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