Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chelsea Keen On Two Players But Still In Need Of A Manager

Yesterday we learned that Chelsea's bid for Luka Modric of £22 million was rejected by London rivals, Spurs. Chelsea have claimed that they will improve their offer in their pursuit to land the Croatian. Another player on the Chelsea transfer list is Atletico Madrid forward, Sergio Ageuro. Despite rumors that a deal with Juventus, worth £40 million, was made, his agent has scrapped those rumors leaving Chelsea as well as Man City still in the hunt to sign the little Argentinian.

With all this transfer talk, it seems that many people, including myself for a short while, had forgetten that Chelsea are in fact still without a manager. Guus Hiddink is still the clear favourite but for some reason they just haven't been able to get his signature yet.

Harry Redknapp has slammed the thought that Tottenham will even consider selling the silky and creative Croatian. He has become like a broken record are we keep on hearing that no players are for sale but with an improved offer closer to the £30 million mark will really test the Spurs boss.

As for Aguero, he has been a wanted man for years now and a move this Summer is looking very likely. It is hard to see anyone out-offer Manchester City but I can't see Aguero being too fond of moving to the north of England especially when his Argentinian team-mate, Tevez, has been going on about how "boring" the city is or the weather conditions being horrible. Juventus look like being the favourites but it could be a while before Aguero's future is resolved.

I'm sure Roman Abramovich is in for a hectic few days as he tries to sort out new players coming in and most importantly, a new manager being put in place. He also is under the threat of losing a few key players as Jose Mourinho is reportedly interested in Ghanain, Essien.

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