Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Manchester City Receive Reality Check

Last night wasn't a very good night if you're a fan of the blue half of Manchester. In quite an embarressing display, City conceded defeat to German giants Bayern Munich. It was a shame as Man City had looked very impressive in the first 30 minutes or so but ultimately were too inexperienced as a group at this level.

No one in a blue jersey really performed last night. Hart seemed to be the only City player on the ball and alert. David Silva pulls all the strings and it just wasn't going his way last night and as a result, City played with no urgency or real effect going forward.

Unfortunately, the limelight has been taken away from the very dominant Bayern as all the talk is now surrounding one Carlos Tevez. With many Man City fans already annoyed with him over the antics surrounding his future this past Summer already, last night didn't help his cause for popularity votes.

Carlos Tevez ended up refusing to come off the Man City bench with Mancini struggling for attacking options.  I think by this stage, regardless of him earning vasts amount of money, he should just be dropped from the squad completely. I can't see how any manager would want to work with a player who is obviously not willing to put the effort in himself.

It is a real shame that it has come to this as Tevez was by far, along with Komapny, the most influential player at Manchester City's disposal last season. It's inevitable that he will leave eventually but it would be nice to see if he could get his act together and start pulling his weight for the remainder of his stay at the Etihad Stadium.

Although many people would say that you have more chance of winning huge amounts of money on some online bingo game than Man City even getting to the quarter-finals of the Champions League this season, I still feel that the quarter-finals are still in City's range.

What do you think? How far can City get this year and what should they do with Tevez?

I would love to hear any comments you may have.

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