Friday, July 1, 2011

Real Madrid To Enter The Race To Sign Cesc Fabregas

Now out of all transfer sagas of the past few years, this one has been going on for the longest. But according to Sky Sports News, Real Madrid could put in a cheeky bid for Arsenal midfielder which would in turn defeat their closest rivals, Barcelona, in the race to sign the Spainiard.

Now we can't believe everything that Sky Sports report, as they do have a notorious history of making up rumors that would lead you believe that they were true or were valid statements but end up being very much less than 100% accurate. Most recently, the report regarding Samir Nasri's future. Sky Sports say that City are close to agreeing a fee for the Frenchman, while City themselves state that no contact has been made with any agents or Arsenal officials.

Should this be true though, this would be one of the strangest transfer rumor mills for some time as we all know by now that Barcelona have been interested in the playmaker for some time and for Real Madrid to come in and announce their interest would be quite the article.

Cesc Fabregas was an upcoming star at Barcelona until Arsenal snapped him up and raised him up to be the fantastic footballer he is today as he plays to the only way Arsene Wenger knows how, beautifully. Cesc Fabregas has been Mr. Reliable at the Emirates for quite some time now and when, and if, he leaves, there will be a huge gap to fill.

As we saw with Henry, when Barcelona purchased him from Arsenal, Arsenal fans were distraught. Because despite the fact that it was a long time coming, Arsenal fans surely knew that there was simply no chance of replacing him.

After sealing the goalscoring record at Highbury, his name would forever be synonymous with the Arsenal crowd. Although Adebayor was a hit, he is now hated by all associated with Arsenal and they simply can't find a suitable replacement who can fill the shoes of the Highbury legend.

Will Fabregas shock everyone and decide to stay? Who will Arsenal buy as a replacement?

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